Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Reviewing ARG

I know this is gonna seem odd but I don't see a lot of game reviewers reviewing these games. But hell its an interesting genre. Now i have just signed up to a new ARG called Test subjects needed however i don't know what the game is about or what company is endorsing but it has an interesting concept so far. Now i have also been following this ARG called Marble hornets. Its more of a series than an ARG. Its about two film students alex and Jay.. Basically Jay is a film student and alex is a budding film maker so Jay goes and sees his film which he calls "Marble Hornets".. well its better if i let you see it for yourselves because..Its hard to explain the storyline. Youtube Marble Hornets and you'll see oh its better to start with the first entry you need to watch all of them to understand what is going on

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Im heading to q-con in two weeks time and i will be checking out whats going down. I will be taking a lot of pics with my iphone.  Q-con is Northern ireland's Gaming and anime convention they have tournaments,cosplay, LARPS and tabletop games. Oh also I got infamous so i will be reviewing that eventually.

"and so he fired the cannons"


Monday, 6 June 2011


E3 is here and holy shit and do i mean HOLY SHIT! They have outdone themselves this time Skyrim, MW3, Kinect Star wars and fable 4. Now From what my sources tell me Skyrim will include dual weapon wielding and dual spell casting and also You get your own dragon. YES A FUCKING DRAGON!!!!! Now i couldn't believe it at first but when i saw the screen shots i was..stunned. It was that fucking powerful. Also Mass effect 3 will include kinect controls hmm bioware are you sure about this i know the kinect is the newest xbox accessory but are you willing to risk your award winning series for a motion sensor controller?  Well guess who is also risking their trilogy with the kinect..Yep Lionhead studios rpg series Fable. They are bringing out Fable 4 which will be played in first person by using the kinect controller. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST..Stop going with gimmicky gadgets.. Now There is one game that is actually making use of the Kinect controller. KINECT STAR WARS it was gonna happen and it finally did Lucasarts announced it this will be an amazing game. I can see people coming around and holding their air lightsabres and fighting darth vader. Also Its been announced SAINTS ROW THE THIRD is coming out in november 31st 2011. However Violation have only released a trailer. Oh yes..HALO IS BACK! Bungie announced 3 untitled halo titles. Halo 4 is official they have released a teaser trailer featuring that blue haired computer prorgam cortana! Man..this is too much for me.. Im gonna take a break. See you later.


PSN is back up and get your hands on some free games!

Sony have finally got the playsation network back up and running. This is great for playstation gamers they have kindly given us free downloadable games from the playstation store as well as free 30 days of playstation plus which allows us to buy games at a discounted price and some of the games are free (even better more free games! WOO!). Now Sony has also stated they will be doing something for playstation home however there isn't any word on what content they will be giving out maybe new areas or even premium content which would be a good idea. Now I was annoyed when i first heard they were hacked but i was surprised when i found out who did it a Hacker group who go by the name LulzSec. They have been hacking game corporations such as Nintendo and Sony. This could mean Microsoft could be next however this is very unlikely due to the fact Microsoft has hired professional moderators and computer secruity experts to prevent their servers from being hacked.


Monday, 30 May 2011


Well I just finished LA NOIRE and i had to say i was quite pleased...but the ending was were gonna expect it. i liked that fact you got to play one of cole's marine buddy jack kelso who you get to play a couple of missions as him. Now I am not gonna spoil the game's ending for all of my readers out there but i have to say this. Its not a great ending its kinda cliche.  Well i have to admit thats all i have to say for LA NOIRE. Its a great game if you love crime thrillers and solving puzzles. This game is for you. 9/10


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dreamcast 2?

Yep its official  sega might be creating another dreamcast. Ivy the kiwi creator Yuji Naka stated at a london expo that he was very keen on developing the dreamcast 2. Now they have released a video however none of the info on the video has been officially confirmed by sega or Yuji Naka.


Sunday, 22 May 2011


I just got my hands on a copy of LA NOIRE. Well first off i would like to say its got everything a gamer could want. A great storyline great cast of voice and facial actors. The gameplay is simple to pick up when you arrive at a crimescene you have to explore the area for clues such as murder weapons personal belongings of the victim. After you have gathered clues you will have to interview a witness or a suspect. The suspect will not be entirely honest you can either be doubtful or honest or even ask if they are lying. If the suspect is lying you can show them evidence. Once you have asked the questions properly you can either arrest the suspect or try and find the real culprit. Now ill talk about the evidence inspection when you pick up a piece of evidence you will go into inspection mode. When the controller vibrates that will indicate a spot that needs to be examined more in detail. You will need to rely on the vibration at all times. I am still playing the game so I guess this review ill be a two parter. Oh and i will be reviewing the dlc and the badge pursuit challenge.

Im gonna set up a paypal account soon. So if you want to donate some money to the site which will allow me to buy games for me to review.

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"my hands are glued to the controller!!"